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Meredith. Multishippper. Forever mourning dead fictional characters.

This is just a A:TLA, LoK blog. But I do post other random shit here and there.

If you want to know anything about me, just ask! I'm a rather lazy person and I don't really know what else to put here so I"m just going to trail off...
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Uhhhh I doodled Korra kinda cause she seems like a BAMF and a fierce bitch.
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While I’m at it, here is the “Have You Seen My flying Bison?” poster I made for the ATLA Book 2 episode, “Lake Laogai,” with calligraphy by S.L. Lee, PhD, slightly-less way back in May of 2006. Aang looks like an egg with Aang’s face drawn on it.
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He lives in you, he lives in me. He watches over everything we see. Into the waters, into the truth… in your reflection, he lives in you.
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I wish I were an airbender just so that I could fly on one of these T_T
Done as practice during break.
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Modern!Ty Lee, Mai, Azula
Ty Lee
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